Search Marketing

Search is definitely the most crucial channel for e-commerce. It is responsible for 54% of all online sales. Social media only contributes with less than 6%. The search intention behind the query tell us where in the customer journey our prospects are. By identifying critical keywords and touchpoints, we can feed the content marketing strategy and grow your digital market share exponentially. Search Engine Marketing consists of paid and organic channels. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process of getting a website ranked highly in the search engine results page (SERP). Unfortunately, you don’t have control of the outcome as Google changes its algorithm 500 times annually. On the other hand, paid search (Search Engine Ads, or SEA) is where you bid on relevant keywords and receive some insightful data. Google makes $130Billion in revenue annually, where 85% comes from search ads. It is a very efficient channel for e-commerce and requires a highly skilled digital marketing professional to develop a successful campaign. That is where Somm Digital comes in. We can understand the intention of the search terms and translate it to relevant content and online sales.

Skills:  Digital Marketing
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